Compressed Air Division

At IDM Engineering we specialise in air compressor sales, service and installation of quality compressed air products and equipment. We are ready to help you with all compressor systems needs in industrial and manufacturing applications.

With over 21 years experience in servicing and installation we can assist you with all your pneumatic needs. 


SCR Authorised Distributor 

As an authorised SCR distributor, IDM Engineering have support of one of the worlds largest manufactures of air compressors and accessories, giving us a product range to suit all requirements. We have a comprehensive portfolio of standard fix speed or a more energy efficient Vsd air compressors.

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We believe properly caring for your air compressor helps you lower your operating cost and minimises the risk of unplanned breakdowns and production stops. We offer service proposals for all brands of air compressors.




IDM Engineering offer a complete turnkey installation. From initial evaluation through to installation. Our own fully skilled labour force will be only to happy to assist. 



At IDM Engineering we have a large fleet of electrical compressors available for hire on long or short term basis. We also have the necessary auxiliary items for hire i.e. receivers, dryers & filters. For further information please contact our office.

Proud Supplier of SCR Comp Compressors