Planned Preventative Maintenance

IDM Engineering PPM contracts are designed for companies without the resources of a large in-house maintenance team to carry out regular checks on plant and production machinery.

With a  wealth of experience in electrical and mechanical plant maintenance across many industry sectors, IDM Engineering’s highly qualified teams can visit your site at regular intervals, drawing up bespoke inspection sheets, carrying out routine checks, raising defects and completing repairs.

All inspections and repairs are logged and can demonstrate that machines are operational and safe to use. Data helps us to build individual machine profiles, enabling a more accurate prediction of the life-span of components and allowing us to anticipate replacing parts prior to their failure.

Having an IDM Engineering PPM procedure in operation will reduce industrial plant break downs, down time and increase machine availability, thus ensuring that your production is efficient as possible.  We can further identify critical spares that will be required and build a stock at your site to ensure that any repairs can be completed quickly and effectively.

Mobile Maintenance

Need a fast repair? Call IDM Engineering. We offer a 24 hour call out service.

Our mobile maintenance engineers can carry out mechanical maintenance at your site, from replacing a screw, through industrial plant repair, to complete machine rebuilding.

To ensure a cost effective repair service our engineers are multi-skilled with a broad background in electrical repair. This ensures correct diagnosis and eliminates the expense of having to call out a second engineer to carry out the electrical element of the job.

Ask about our routine inspections and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) contracts.

Electrical Maintenance

Our mobile maintenance engineers can also carry out electrical plant maintenance at your site, from replacing a light bulb to completely rewiring a machine.